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Gas Mixtures Classification

Gas mixture classification

Bristol Gases has state-of-the art gas chromatographs and analyzers with the latest test methodologies and a professional team in compliance with ISO accreditation requirements, meeting and exceeding the client’s requirements while adhering to quality services and on-time delivery.

Using certified products, measurement data is internationally valid at the highest level, with evidence of traceability to SI units.

BGM Laboratory supplies Signature-Ref CRM mixtures, Elite-Mix calibration and testing mixtures, and Spec-Gas.

Standard gas mixtures are classified according to the degree of accuracy required and produced at coordinated levels of mixing tolerance, accuracy, and metrological traceability. Highly optimized production processes and analysis methods allow us to offer mixtures that accurately match customer requirements in terms of precision while satisfying all definitive norms in the above hierarchy.

Certified Reference materials (CRM)

BGM Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17034:2016 to produce certified reference materials to meet customers’ requirements in terms of accuracy and traceability. Production of the reference materials is based on the International Standard ISO 6142-1:2015 “Gas Analysis: Preparation of Calibration Gas Mixtures by Gravimetric Method”. The determination of reference values is based on an analysis using International Metrology Laboratories Reference Standards.

Signature-Ref CRM mixture analytical results are traceable to SI units and gas standards as per National Metrology Laboratories such as NIST, VSL, and NPL.

Calibration Gas Mixtures

The BGM Laboratory accreditations of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard include testing and calibration of binary and multicomponent mixtures covering all major industries. Elite-Mix calibration mixture is provided in a wide range of cylinder sizes and different valve standards.

Our accredited calibration mixtures are traceable to internationally recognised reference materials from NIST, NPL, VSL, and our own BGM reference materials.

Elite-Mix is a highly and precisely accurate mixture; BGM Laboratory is able to mix gases with up to 20 or more components in one mixture with the shortest delivery period.

Additionally, testing services for specialty gas mixtures are provided to customers, including recalibration services for the returning mixtures.

BGM Laboratory Capabilities

High accuracy is achieved when using state-of-the-art equipment and analysis methodologies to provide mixtures from PPB to percentage level. BG Laboratory uses equipment and methodologies such as gas chromatography (GC-FID, GC-TCD,GC-PFPD), paramagnetic oxygen, zirconia oxygen, chemiluminescence, pulse floreescence, galvanic, and electrochemical testing principles.

Reference Weights (E2 Class)

BGM Laboratory uses E2 Class weights ranging from 2g to 50 kg, where E2 Class is highly accurate, that are used as reference standard weights for the production of calibration gas mixtures.

Gravimetric Filling using Mass Comparator

BGM Laboratory provides customers with gas mixtures that are precisely formulated, calculated, and strictly adhering to the requirements of ISO 6142-1:2015 Standard. BGM Laboratory holds the highest standards of expertise in terms of quality and safety.

A mass comparator is used for the gravimetric filling process to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy when products traceable to SI units are supplied to the customer.

Metrological Traceability

A chain of unbroken calibrations links customer measurement data to national metrology standards, ensuring international comparability, and it is a requirement for the industrial sectors to have measuring results that are comparable. This requirement is satisfied by international standards such as ISO 17034:2016 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017. These standards call for the metrological traceability of measuring results using Certified Reference Materials (CRM) as the basis for comparability.

Proficiency Testing Participation

BGM Laboratory evaluates its results or performance against pre-established criteria by means of interlaboratory comparisons through proficiency testing with international PT providers.

This helps us in:

  • Evaluation of the performance of BGM Laboratory for specific tests or measurements and monitoring laboratories’ continuing performance
  • Provision of additional confidence to BGM Laboratory customers
  • Establishment of the effectiveness and comparability of test or measurement methods.
  • Identification of problems in laboratories and initiation of actions for improvement.
  • Education of participating laboratories based on the outcomes of such comparisons.
  • Validation of uncertainty claims.

BGM Laboratory has recently achieved highly accurate PT On-Demand results from the VSL National Metrology Institute in the Netherlands. These results are concretizing the confidence in the Certified Bristol Gas Products.

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